Sarah Williams

I am a hand-weaver and textile artist. I use a variety of yarns, both natural and man-made fibres, to produce household textiles, rugs, bags, scarves and cloth. My inspiration is very varied, from winter landscape in the Peak District to the modern Sheffield cityscape, but usually colour is the starting point. I am also interested in ways of creating texture in cloth.

As well as weaving, I make and use woollen felt, stitch and dye. I am exploring the transformation of hand-woven cloth using loom-controlled stitch resist prior to dyeing.

There is more of my work on my personal web-site

I also sell some work on my Etsy shop - SarahWilliamsWeaver

Honeycomb scarf

Cosy Mohair Shawl

Kite Tails wall hanging - detail

Shining Sea - detail

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